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Bridging the Gap

You are my hero 


Share your story.

Save a life.


Are you a prostate cancer survivor?  Share your story. Save a life.

To the men in our lives including dads, brothers, husband's, grandfathers, uncles, friends and family members-"you are our hero" for taking the first step to help fight prostate cancer by contributing to prostate cancer research as a survivor.  


Blue Flowers Org "bridge's the gap" by minimizing gaps in health care disparities, facilitating access to care for men in underserved communities, and by supporting prostate cancer research for African American men and men of African ancestry in the United States.  


We invite you to share your experiences as a prostate cancer survivor via The Prostate Cancer Registry presented in partnership with Clark Atlanta University's Center for Cancer Research and Therapeutic Development (CCRTD).  


Complete the 10-minute survey today and help save the lives of other men by:


1.   Providing prostate cancer survivors a unified voice to factors that universally affect survivors

2.   Educating individuals affected by prostate cancer so that they can make informed medical decisions

3.   Building a supportive community improving the quality of life and enhanced possibilities in survivorship

4.   To use findings to support, empowering survivors as they transition from active treatment to post-treatment

Questions?  Visit The Prostate Cancer Registry FAQs

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