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Our Programs


Blue Flowers Org is a national 501(c)(3) non-profit organization headquartered in Georgia.  We execute our programs throughout Georgia, Maryland, DC and Virginia by:


  • Providing services to caregivers supporting loved ones fighting cancer, with special services for those fighting prostate cancer.

  • Executing an inclusive and holistic approach.

  • Engaging women and caregivers in moving the needle in advancing cancer awareness.

  • Recognizing that real change occurs when people of all races, ethnicities, and genders work together.


We support caregivers through our programs "Caregiver Education Connections" with resources for all caregivers and the Prostate Cancer Care 360™ program specifically for families fighting prostate cancer.



Cancer Caregiver Education Connections


We empower all women and caregivers impacted by a cancer diagnosis through by providing education through webinars, support groups and workshops.  We empower women through every stage of the continuum, from general awareness for those not affected by cancer, those that have been newly diagnosed/current patients, to those supporting loved ones on their survivorship journey.


Our workshops and support groups take place throughout the year.  The online webinars and online support group are virtual and can be accessed by caregivers across the country.  Click register below to access our programs:


















Prostate Cancer Care 360


Specifically for our families impacted by prostate cancer, Blue Flowers Org takes a holistic approach to address the mental, physical and spiritual impacts of a prostate cancer diagnosis by connecting women and the men in their lives to subject matter experts.


Our holistic approach encompasses:



Mind:  Managing the psychological, emotional and financial stress affecting men, caregivers, and their families  


Body:  Information on diagnosis and treatment options while leveraging healthy living resources for prostate cancer prevention  


Spirit: Encouragement through spiritual support, motivation and inspiration      



We host year-round events and the annual Prostate Cancer Care 360™ Summit.  Register at


















Our programs depend on people like you.  Want to help?  Click here.  

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