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Staying fit and keeping active is a part of any healthy lifestyle. Your father, son, husband, friend or the man in your life is responsible for his health, but he can't do it without your support.


Here are some tips to help incorporate exercise into the lives of the men in your life and your family (minus the nagging):

1. Get a health screening.  Schedule an annual physical for yourself and the man in your life.  Sometimes an update on your current healthcan be a great motivator to adopt an active lifestyle.  Also, if the man in your life is over 40, schedule a PSA and a DRE health sreening today.  Here's why.

2. Make it a team effort!  Working out together is a great way to spend quality time with your loved ones.  Be an accountibility partner or get everyone involved by making it a family affair.

3. Start slow and be patient. Start with a short walk or slow jog.  Gradually increase over time.


4. Have a pet?  Consider incorporating Fido into your daily routine.  A long walk or throwing frisbee in the park is a great way to be active.  Your pet will thank you too.

5. Have fun!  Do things that you like to do.  Do you like to dance?  Take dance lessons together.  Anything that gets you up and moving is a great way to incorporate exercise into your routine.


6. Ladies-be a role model.  Adopt an exercise routine for yourself.  Share your success with your friends and family- excitement is contagious! They may join you one day to see what the excitement is all about.


7. Plan a fitness date. There is nothing better than a day in the park with a run and a romantic picnic lunch.


8. Enter a competition. Nothing gets the blood flowing better than friendly competition to find out who can burn the most calories in 1 month, run the most miles in 6 weeks or lose the most weight in 3 months .


9. Join a fitness club together. Having a group of people supporting each other in attaining their fitness goals can create a supportive environment and inspiration when the going gets tough.


10. Get a work out wearable.  All people love gadgets, and if you have a man in your life that especially likes gadgets then you're in luck.  Tracking an exercise routine can be motivation to stick to it! 


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