We are women with diverse backgrounds and experiences. 
We can make an impact as caregivers in the fight against cancer.
What role do women play in the fight against cancer?

Can you guess what percentage of health care decisions are made by women?  How about men?


Did you guess 50/50?  Good guess, however, women have much more of an impact on health care decisions for their families than you think.


Women make over 80% of health care decisions for their families.  Women play a critical role in not only making health care decisions for the men in their lives, but may also support in roles as caregivers, advocates, and as a part of a support system.

This is especially significant when supporting the health care decisions for the men in your life fighting prostate cancer.  The man in your life can be your spouse or partner, brother, father, son, friend or neighbor. 

How does Blue Flowers Org support you and your family?

We provide resources to support all women, including caregivers, supporting loved ones fighting cancer, especially prostate cancer, at each stage of the continuum:


General Awareness

We provide general awareness resources for all women even if they have not yet been impacted by a cancer diagnosis.


Newly Diagnosed & current Patients

We provide to support to informal and long distance caregivers supporting their love ones.



We provide support to those supporting loved ones that have been on their cancer journey for some time.

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Maryland/DC/Virginia Office:

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Blue Flowers Org is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization.  TAX ID 47-2370655

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