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"June Is Men's Health Month: We Stand With You In The Fight Against Prostate Cancer"

#IStandWithYou against prostate cancer

"Son, you've always stood up for me. This month, #IStandWithYou." #menshealthmonth

June is Men's Health Month. This month we stand with our partners, fathers, brothers, sons, family members and friends against prostate cancer. Together, we can work together to fight prostate cancer.

How can we as women, caregivers, supporters and friends stand with the men in our lives against prostate cancer?

1. Has the man in your life scheduled his annual physical? Make men's health month the he does and a reminder to do so each year. Ask for a PSA and DRE exam if he is over 40, especially if he is high risk (family history or is African American or of African descent).

Visit our website to find free or discounted screenings in your area today.

2. Adopt an exercise routine. June is a great month to take advantage of the warm weather and get moving outdoors. Exercising can help maintain overall health for you, the man in your life and the entire family.

Read tips on how to make exercise a family affair.

3. Embrace a healthy diet. Start with adding foods and making food substitutes that can improve the health and well being of your family.

4. If you as a caregiver or the man in your life is ever in need of mental health resources or just needs to speak with someone, here are some resources that may be helpful.

5. Be involved. Show concern. Understand he is in the drivers seat, but he can't do it without you.

Learn more by visiting

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