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"Have You Ever?"

Have you ever been in the hospital with your father when his doctor (in the most compassionate way possible), told him that his prostate cancer had metastasized from his bone to his liver and that he was dying?

Have you ever looked into your father’s eyes as he responded with total disgust and disbelief, “so this means I’m on my way out?”

Have you ever heard your father moan in pain ALL DAY LONG where even morphine would not ease the pain?

Have you ever read in the hospice manual left by the hospice nurse that your father is not dying because he’s not eating, he’s not eating because he’s dying?

Have you ever gone into your bedroom because you wanted to remain strong and didn’t want your father to see you cry?

Have you ever laid your head on your father’s chest watching it expand and contract, felt his heart stop and heard him take his last breath on this Earth?

I have… family has…...and because WE HAVE, Blue Flowers Org exists.

Valerie Crawford-Schiele, M.Ed.

Co-Founder and CEO

Blue Flowers Org

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